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William A. Hayes bhayes at DSU.DELTAST.EDU
Mon Apr 1 14:04:00 CST 1996

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Barry M. OConnor wrote:

> Museum of Zoology) - so let's all collaborate and preserve the maximum
> amount of information from every collection we make! - Barry OConnor

This sounds like an excellent idea in a limited way. Somehow, I thought
this might be one of the greatest benefits of a list such as Taxacom. If
we had a list of who was interested in what...and could keep our eyes
open for things others are looking for while we collect the really
important stuff (the species we as individuals are interested in), we
could advance the knowledge base generally and share the expanded
knowledge base around and about.

To get things started, I collect crayfish (crawfish, ecrevisse,
yabbies...)...anyone seen these pollinating lately? ;)

Best wishes,

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