bugs and plant presses

Mon Apr 1 15:12:49 CST 1996

Mon 1 Apr 103p


    It is timely that someone has just brought to the herbarium
here a large branch of an evergreen Ligustrum, which I take to be
L. lucidum (although its distinction from L. japonicum seems a
problem--but see M. Dirr's account in woody landscape Pl book).
Anyway, the back sides of the leaves are infested with some sort
of SCALE INSECT! It's all in the drying oven now, and soon we will
have a nice specimen of this plant, plus several loose leaves
bearing lotsa bugs. I'll probably send a few up to Clemson for
determination of the scale name. Or does anybody else out there
want some??

    Later, John "I'm not really an entomologist" Nelson

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