Current status the SMASCH Project and our plans for the coming year

Mon Apr 1 14:38:36 CST 1996

The SMASCH Project,funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is
developing a database of text data and images of specimens that document the
distribution and classification of the plants of California. The project
began in 1992. By 1999, the SMASCH database at the University and Jepson
Herbaria will contain records for approximately 300,000 accessions.

In February 1996, NSF conducted a site visit to the SMASCH Project. As a
result the MIP and the SMASCH Project are undertaking a redesign of our home
page, preparing SMASCH for distribution through the WWW by July 31, 1996,
and beginning data entry for the next year of the project (80,000 accession
records will be entered during the next twelve months). The current status
of our activities toward these goals is contained in "What's New" at

Tom Duncan


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