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Eric Zurcher ericz at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Wed Apr 3 11:50:47 CST 1996

At 08:16 AM 3/29/96 EST, John McNeill wrote:

>If world-wide, you have more problems, there is no electronic (or
>other) list of current accepted names with or without synonyms of
>any plant group.

But note that the USDA now has (at least) two separate seachable on-line
services providing list of many current plant names and their synonyms,
along with common names. Data are particularly complete for cultivated
plants, especially those of temperate regions. The lists are:

GRIN Taxononomy (GRIN stands for Germplasm Resources Information Network)
covers 33000 tax in 13000 genera:

PLANTS National Plant Information Database (incorporates data from the Biota
of North America Program and USDA Checklist of Economic Vascular Plants,
among other sources):

Both lists are well worth a look (and it is often instructive to do searches
in both and see where they disagree) ...


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