Image Processing Problem

Terry S. Arnold tarnold at CTS.COM
Fri Apr 26 23:17:35 CDT 1996

A colleague of mine is in the hroes of fininshing a monograph on the radula
of Cyraeidae. This monograph is illustrated with several hundred SEM and
optical microphotographs. He is attempting to use scanned verions of the
photographs in the electonic publication process which will result in an
ultimate paper product. At the present time he is working with the printer
ot come up with the right combination of scanning pitch (DPI) and file
format that will produce the best possible result within a fairly limited
budget. The attempts at 300 DPI appear to only be producing a result with a
net resoltion of 85-87 DPI after being scanned, going through Photoshop for
image cleanup, transferring in the form of TIFF files to the printer, and
printing on a 600 DPI Docutek printer. On the other hand proofs printed on a
color laser printer come out much better. The 85-87 DPI is not good enough
for the subject matter which has significance in some of the fine detail.

What suggestions or experiences do you have related to this type of problem.
As more of us go toward electronic preparation of illustrations this
situation will be faced more and more often.


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