Nature in Hawaii

Mon Apr 29 12:31:14 CDT 1996

I will be visiting Hawaii 10-22 June 1996 & would appreciate input/suggestions
for planning trip details from people familiar with the state.  Botanical and
other nature "highlights" are of greatest interest.  The itinerary includes
stays on four islands: Oahu, Hawaii, Kaui, and Maui (in that order).  I will
have a rental car for transportation  on the last three.  Please send replies
to me directly to avoid cluttering the list.  Thank you.

Donna I. Ford            West Virginia Univ.
Herbarium Curator (WVA)  Box 6057
Asst. Prof. Biol.        Morgantown, WV 26506
425 Brooks Hall          (304)293-5201 X2549
fax: (304)293-6363  email: diford at

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