Cornell University Insect Collection WWW site open!

Kipling Will kww4 at CORNELL.EDU
Tue Apr 30 10:31:23 CDT 1996

The Cornell University Insect Collection WWW site is now open!!

I would like to invite all of you to visit our newly constructed WWW site at-

On our pages you will find:

** a historical account of the insect collection and the collectors with
many nice images

** a fast, searchable index of Cornell University's type specimens with
references, and notes

** a growing list of taxa in the collection (some orders to species level
others with general descriptions)

** information (homepages) on people currently associated with the collection

** some insect images and more

Please stop by and send us your comments. If you notice the URL given above
is absent from any Entomological source sites you come across please feel
free to pass it on.

Also, we would like feedback from you on the services of the site. Feel free
to contact
James Liebherr - jkl5 at, or Richard Hoebeke - erh2 at in
matters concerning the functions of the collection in general and Kip Will-
kww4 at, for issues regarding the web pages themselves.

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