Actas 1er Congreso Argentino y Latinoamericano de Herpetologia

Faivovich frodo at EINSTEIN.COM.AR
Fri Apr 12 22:32:51 CDT 1996

The Asociacion Herpetologica Argentina has the pleasure to announce that
 the Actas del I Congreso Argentino y I Congreso Sudamericano de
 Herpetologia are being sold to the general public. The book has 389
 pages, and contains 48 papers dealing with a lot of topics related to
 South American herpetology, from Ecology to Systematics. The price is
 $40 e/a or $35 if buy 5 or more copies, plus shipping and handling. For
 more information contact Julian Faivovich, frodo at

 Julian Faivovich

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