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guido flamini flamini at FARM.UNIPI.IT
Tue Apr 2 07:44:02 CST 1996

Dear Users
my name is Guido Flamini and I am a phytochemist. I am studing Italian
endemic Asteraceae plants; at present I am working with species of genus
Santolina. It is not already clear the exact position of the taxa within
the genus (species, subspecies, etc.?) and the placement of the genus in
the subtribal classification of the Anthemideae. Now I am trying to use
chemical data to give a contribution to this problem, but unfortunately I
am not able to reconstruct the taxonomic history of the genus. Your kind
help as suggestions, reprints or references will be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely yours

Dr. Guido Flamini
Dipartimento di Chimica Bioorganica
Universita' di Pisa
Via Bonanno 33,  I-56126,  Pisa, Italy
Tel. +39 50 44074;     Fax  +39 50 43321
E-mail:  flamini at

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