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Jere's dissertation on Pennisetum was done in the Crop Evolution Lab at
the University of Illinois in the 1970s.  The last I heard he was still
working with computers, not Pennisetum.  Ann Stemler, Tom Stalker, Khidir
Hilu, etc. were all students in the CEL in the 1970s, perhaps one of them
can help.  Tom is in the Dept. of Crop Sci., Box 7629, NC State Univ.,
Raleigh, NC 27695-7629.

Linda Oestry
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On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Gundega Korsts wrote:

> On 4 Apr 1996  folkert aleva <Folkert.Aleva at ALGEM.PT.WAU.NL> wrote:
> >Our departement would like to contact Jere Brunken, who has worked or is
> >still working on Pennisetum. Does anybody know his present address?
> I just checked the Library of Congress catalog, to get the full name and to
> be assured that a death date is not available: Jere Neal Brunken, b. 1946
> and still living as far as they know. Then I checked some email directories
> and found that he has a CompuServe address, but could not get the detailed
> idea, only the domain name. Still, that lets you do a member search on
> CompuServe.
>    If that fails, you could try the two senior editors of the book he
> coedited in 1982 (Grasses and grasslands: systematics and ecology, Univ. of
> Oklahoma Press, Norman), if you can find them and they are still in touch
> with Brunken: James R. Estes and Ronald J. Tyrl. Or the membership lists of
> the societies that sponsored that book: American Society of Plant
> Taxonomists, Ecological Society of America, and Botanical Society of America.
>    I'll also check with the editor of the Int. Sorghum & Millet Newsletter.
> More later, if I find anything.    --Gundega Korsts
> PS: I've been lurking till now. By way of introduction: My experience is in
> science editing (striving for accuracy in nomenclature -- and sorting out
> synonymy), not in the analytical work of taxonomy, but I love it all. I do
> have degrees in Greek and Latin, and English is my third language.    --GK
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