Biosystematics of New Zealand Invertebrates

Marie-Claude Lariviere LariviereM at LANDCARE.CRI.NZ
Thu Apr 11 09:41:00 CDT 1996

LANDCARE RESEARCH - MANAAKI WHENUA has recently appointed a
number of  young dynamic research scientists  in its programme
"Biosystematics of  New Zealand Invertebrates" based at the Mt Albert
Research Centre (Private Bag 92170), Auckland, New Zealand.

The programme*s full complement of research scientists is: =

Dr M.-C. Larivi=8Are (Programme Leader, Hemipterist: Auchenorrhyncha &
Dr J.A. Berry (Hymenopterist)
Dr D.M. Gleeson (Molecular Systematist, Onychophora specialist)
Mrs R.C. Henderson (Hemipterist: Sternorrhyncha, espec. Coccoidea)
Dr J.K. Klimaszewski (Coleopterist)
Dr T.-K. Qin (Acarologist)
Dr W.M. Wouts (Nematologist)

Researchers in this programme also have curatorial reponsibilities for
groups in the New Zealand Arthropod Collection and the N.Z. National
Nematode Colletion. E-mail addresses are as follows:
LariviereM at; BerryJ ...; GleesonD ...; HendersonR ...;
KlimaszewskiJ ...; QinT ...; WoutsW ... =

For more information:
Dr Marie-Claude Larivi=8Are
Research Leader                                 Curator of Hemiptera
Invertebrate Systematics                      N.Z. Arthropod Collection

Landcare Research
Private Bag 92170
Tel 64 9 849 3660     Fax 849 7093     Email LariviereM at

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