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Wed Apr 17 19:03:00 CDT 1996

Hello All:

The latest information I have heard on the upcoming release of PAUP* 4.0
is as follows:

The new version of PAUP (vers. 4.0) is going to be called PAUP*
(humorously pronounced 'pop-star', supposedly).  The name change is
indicative of the addition of other algorithms (ML, NJ, etc.) besides
parsimony.  Other rumored additions include new consensus and congruence
methods as well as new tests of phylogenetic accuracy (perhaps the complete &
partial Bootstrap or double-bootstrap?, hopefully, decay indices!).  Anyway
the slated release date was the end of March 1996; however, Sinauer Assoc.
has pushed  the release date back until at least the end of June 1996.
According to Sinauer:

"The author is still working with feedback from beta-testing, and it will
take him some time to perfect the final product.  The program (for Power PC
native, DOS/Windows, Macintosh and PowerMac, UNIX-Sun Spark workstation and
UNIX-DEC Alpha workstation) and user's manual is tentatively priced at

That's all I have heard so far from Sinauer.

If you seek additional information, contact Sinauer Assoc. at

Marie Scavotto
Marketing Assistant
Sinauer Associates, Inc.
23 Plumtree Road
Sunderland, MA 01375

or via the WWW at <>


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