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Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at ACTRIX.GEN.NZ
Fri Apr 19 09:44:00 CDT 1996

Ann Pinzl wrote:
> I am wanting to know how one subscribes to Ento-L.
> Also, is there a listserv for arachnid topics?  If so, please let me know
> how to access that one (those ones) also.
> Please reply off-list.

If you have web access such search queries can usually be resolved without
help from Taxacomers.
        - which claims to have over 35 thousand lists in its database.

For those without web then Liszt is apparently searchable by e-mail:
Send an empty mail message to "liszter at" for details.

And specifically from Liszt an Ento-L proved elusive but:

ENTOMO-L Entomology Discussion List
     mail the command info ENTOMO-L to LISTSERV at

arachnology Any topic of interest to those who study arachnids
     mail the command info arachnology to Majordomo at

   Geoff Read <gread at>
   Annelida resources =>

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