From Mexico

Robe Almeyda Artigas aarj4421 at CUEYATL.UAM.MX
Fri Aug 9 16:46:52 CDT 1996

Mexico City
August 9, 1996

Dear Srs,

I am a researcher who has been working with a group of species of the
genus Gnathostoma, causal agent of a disease called human gnathostomosis,
endemic of Southeast Asia and regions of tropical America (Mexico and
Equator). Currently, we are trying to distinguish species using molecular
techniques (RAPDS, RFLPs, sequencing of ribosomal DNA (genomic and
mitochondrial)). We are very interested in having material from USA of
two species: G. procyonis (from Procyon lotor) and G. didelphis (= G.
turgidum, from Didelphis virginiana). We need fresh material, fixed in
50% ethilic alcohol, conserved at 4 centigrade degrees. With one adult
worm of each species we would be greatly indebted. The parasites inhabit
the stomachs of their hosts and have a characteristic head bulb, with
7-11 rows of hooklets. They measure between 40 and 90 mm. If you are
willing to help us and have any questions, please contact us at:
"aarj4421 at". Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Roberto Javier Almeyda-Artigas
Autonomous Metropolitan University
Campus Xochimilco
Mexico City, Mexico

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