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     Alexandra Snyder of the ASIH Collections Committee, I
(Darrel Snyder, representing ELHS), and others are organizing a workshop on
the preservation and curation of early life stages of fish, amphibians, and
reptiles.  The workshop is planned for the joint meeting of the American
Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Larval Fish Conference
(American Fisheries Society Early Life History Section), and other
organizations in Seattle (Univ. Washington), 26 June to 2 July 1997.

     With regard to fish eggs, embryos, larvae, and early juveniles,
the primary objective is to update, re-examine, and supplement
information and guidelines provided by Lavenberg, McGowen, and Woodsum
in the Ahlstrom Symposium publication
      (1984. Preservation and Curation.  Pages 57-58 in Moser et al.
      editors.  Ontogeny and Systematics of Fishes.  ASIH Spec. Publ. 1)
and myself in the Fisheries Techniques manual
      (1983.  Fish Eggs and Larvae.  Pages 165-197 in Nielson and Johnson.
       Fisheries Techniques.  American Fisheries Society, Bethesda,
       Maryland--pages 179-181 on sample handling and preservation).
We would like to address optimal fixation and preservation (fluids,
procedures, containers, storage) for permanently maintaining
morphologically life-like specimens (minimal shrinkage, deformation, and
loss of pigmentation), but also for subsequent otolith investigations,
clearing and staining for skeletal and nervous system studies, histological
examination, analysis of otoliths, gut contents, karotyping, biochemistry,
allozymes, RNA, and DNA.  We could also address the nature, availability,
and management of preserved reference, research, and voucher collections
and pertinent data standards for reporting and cataloging purposes.

     All interested persons are invited to participate and share their
observations and experience (fish, amphibian, or reptile).  Those having
conducted experiments or summarized literature or current practices on
these matters, or planning such, are especially encouraged to join the
workshop. Presentations will likely be limited to 15 or 20 minutes with
time for questions and discussion.  Related posters are also welcome.
Participants will be required to submit a text version of their
presentation (manuscript on diskette) for electronic publication under
the ASIH Curation web page.  Please contact me (or Alexandra --
AMSnyder at as soon as possible to reserve a place in the program or
discuss ideas you may have for the workshop.

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