SMASCH World Wide Web site

Thu Aug 1 13:50:39 CDT 1996

The Museum Informatics Project and the SMASCH project have completed a
redesign of the SMASCH World Wide Web site. The URL is:


Through the SMASCH home page, you can:

o Query the SMASCH database of California accessions by taxonomic name,
collector, county in Caliifornia, or voucher kind;

o Check data entry progress through monthly updates on the number of
accessions in the SMASCH database;

o Obtain documentation for the data entry software, database structures, and
data entry procedures;

o Download SMASCH data entry software and database structures.

Comments and suggestions appreciated.


Tom Duncan                                    510-642-6533 (voice)
Museum Informatics Project         `          510-643-8856 (fax)
378 Doe Library                               tdunc at
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720


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