On saying things you know nothing about

Richard Zander zander at AG.NET
Sat Aug 3 15:31:37 CDT 1996

On second though, after tracing my archived messages through Taxacom log,
I see...I must have said what I complained about in lastest tirade! With
the Net, it is so easy to be so certain one actually has something to say
for those few seconds it takes to type a message.

Say, take a few moments to check out the things *you've* typed for
posterity. You'll be surprized how easy it will be that generations of
college kids are going to cite your every unconsidered thought here on
the Web. http://altavista.digital.com


Richard H. Zander, Buffalo Museum of Science
1020 Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14211 USA zander at ag.net

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