On saying things you know nothing about

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Aug 4 21:25:52 CDT 1996

> Date:         Mon, 5 Aug 1996 11:08:07 +12
> From: Geoff Read <g.read at NIWA.CRI.NZ>
> To take that seriously I wonder whether taxacom archive 1996 will be
> interesting enough to be kept online in ten years time.

Historians find anything interesting. So do junk collectors. So, not to
worry....  ;>)

> Also I
> assume its continued existence  is somewhat fragilely dependent on
> the voluntary good work of one or two individuals.

I suspect that some two of the other 1000 subscribers to Taxacom would
be able to immediately fill in the breach if needed. Also, Taxacom
_really_ depends on the contributions of its subscribers; that's
the important issue.

> (AFAIK the
> muse.bio.cornell.edu site doesn't  exist anymore and Richard's
> archived messages  were actually (seamlessly) coming from the same
> machine now at www.keil.ukans.edu.)

It's true that the Taxacom webified archive is now at UKAN (if you
http your way to muse.bio.cornell, you end up at ukan, during this
transition.  "Seamless" Julian Humphries was at that helm.


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