dot matrix vs. laser printer

Robin Panza panzar at CLPGH.ORG
Mon Aug 5 14:03:29 CDT 1996

>that dot matrix would be the same as lazer print plus the fact that you
>don't get the quality.  A photocopy uses heat and the ink is much more

A laser printer *is* a photocopier.  To make a laser printer, a Cannon
photocopier "engine" was combined with a mechanism for converting wire-borne
data into the image.  The placement of the image on the paper uses the same
mechanism and the same ink.

On cardstock, laser printers and photocopiers do not produce a permanent image.
The ink is relatively easy to abrade off.  Since there is no impact, there is
nothing whatever left on the paper when this happens.  It may be water- and
weather-resistant, but it won't stand up to rubbing or scraping.

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