Knack of processing accents

Jacques Rifkind Muisca at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 8 13:20:15 CDT 1996

Paul Dessart makes some good suggestions regarding a way to standardize
punctuation and accent marks as a "work around" to the current, sub-ideal
system. However, I think that we can preach tilde cows come home, without
effect: artificial conventions such as this are hard to propagate, no matter
how desirable they might be.


Gena Gulamentum
Author: "Bacteria are from Mars; Women are from Venus"--this fall from
Ferruginous Canal Press.

PS. I think that that is great that the Belgian's have a chef dedicated to
preparing arachnids and insects--something to eat with the moules and Stella
Artois--and those sprouts they have over there.

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