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Hawaiian Damselflies: A Field Identification Guide

by Dan Polhemus and Adam Asquith

A Hawaii Biological Survey Handbook, published by Bishop Museum

Damselflies are one of the largest and most colorful groups of native
Hawaiian insects.  This practical field guide, designed to appeal to both
scientists and the general public, provides all of the information needed
to observe and identify the 26 species and subspecies of damselflies
occuring in Hawaii.  Generously illustrated with over 60 full color
photos and numerous drawings and maps, this convenient, easy-to-use
handbook is an essential companion for the amateur naturalist, science
professional, or anyone interested in Hawaiian aquatic ecosystems, their
biota, and their conservation.

Introductory sections contain discussions of damselfy anatomy, behavior,
ecology and evolution, along with much additional information on
the basic limnology of the Hawaiian Islands.  A handy set of "quick keys"
aids readers in making preliminary identifications of species on the
basis of color and habitat.  For precise species identification, the main
text includes detailed treatments of each species accompanied by color
photographs, distribution maps, and silhouettes showing species size.  A
glossary of scientific terms is included and an appendix containing more
technical keys is provided for readers with scientific backgrounds and
access to a microscope.

A Hawaii Biological Survey Handbook
Bishop Museum Special Publication 90, 1996
Softcover. 122 pp. ISBN 0-930897-91-9
Price: $19.95

Available at Bishop Museum's Shop Pacifica and bookstores throughout
Hawaii in September. Call Shop Pacifica at (808) 848-4134 or Fax orders
to Shop Pacifica (808) 841-8968.

Bishop Museum Shop Pacifica
1525 Bernice Street
Honolulu, HI  96817-0916 USA

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