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Fri Aug 23 14:50:35 CDT 1996

I am compiling a list and database of reference, research, voucher, and
teaching collections of fish eggs, larvae and early juveniles.  These
can be portions of fully cataloged museum collections, uncataloged
institutional holdings, or informal personal, laboratory, or corporate
reference or study collections.  My objective is to simply identify
who has what.  The list will be prepared for an upcoming edition of
the American Fisheries Society Early Life History Section Newsletter and
future web page, the ASIH Collections web page, and presentation at a
workshop on early life stage preservation and curation scheduled for
the 1997 joint meeting of the American Association of Ichthyologists
and Herpetologists, Larval Fish Conference (ELHS), and others.  I would
like the listing to be as comprehensive as possible but that depends
entirely on the cooperation of those associated with such collections.

If associated with a Larval Fish Collection, please forward the following

1.  Name, title, and e-mail address of person who is responsible for
     the collection.
2.  Name of owner, museum, institution, or firm.
3.  Correspondence address.
4.  Telephone and fax numbers; e-mail address.
5.  Formal name (if any) of collection and type (reference, research,
     voucher, and/or teaching).
6.  Is the collection permanent; if not, are there plans to ensure its
     permanency by depositing it with a permanent collection?
7.  Size of collection (approx. numbers of lots or specimens) and if a
     general collection of all life stages, approximate percentage
     consisting of early life stages.
8.  Freshwater, Estuarine, and/or Marine species; geographic coverages.
9.  Is the collection partially or fully cataloged and how (book,
     file-card, computer)?
10. Additional information about the collection you are willing or
     able to provide at this time (prepared descriptions, brochures, or
     manuals on the collection).

Darrel E. Snyder             Research Associate
Larval Fish Laboratory         Curator, LFL Collection
33J Wagar Building             Telephone: (970)491-5295
Colorado State University      Fax: (970)491-5091
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