Walter Appleby

Scott Miller scottm at HAWAII.EDU
Fri Aug 23 11:53:36 CDT 1996

I am sad to inform you that Walter Appleby, Botany Collections Manager,
Bishop Museum, Honolulu, passed away August 13, 1996 following a year long
battle with cancer. We have lost a valued friend and colleague in the
prime of his career at age 46.

The following is excerpted from a memo by Dr. W. Donald Duckworth,
Directory, Bishop Museum.  Official communications about BISH herbarium
matters should be directed to Dr. George Staples, gstaples at bishop.bishop.


Walter came to the Bishop Museum as Botany Collections Manager in October
1993.  He remained in that position until advancing cancer forced him to
relinquish his duties in the last few months. During his short career at
the Museum, he modernized and expanded information management in the
botanical collections, and expanded the frontiers of the Hawaii
Biological Survey.  He was especially interested in promoting the
importance of botanical data within the Hawaii Biological Survey. Among
his projects for the Museum was coordination of the botanical and
vegetation survey of Halawa Valley.  He was also active in local and
national organizations advancing the use of collections data in
understanding and managing biodiversity.  Walter was always happy to help
out with other Museum activities, especially helping others with their
computer problems, at which he was particularly talented.

Walter came to the Museum from the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in
Claremont, California.  Prior to that, he worked in the University and
Jepson Herbaria at the University of California at Berkeley.  His illness
prevented the completion of his Ph.D. dissertation on Ficus and their
pollinating wasps of Baja California, Mexico.  After growing up in the
Boston area, he spent a few years growing taro in Waipio Valley, an
experience that may have led him back to Hawaii.

Walter was a dedicated and talented professional, a sincere and generous
person, and a productive and congenial member of our staff -- he will be

Bishop Museum will host a memorial service for Walter on September 6th.
In lieu of flowers, Walter's family has requested that donations be sent
to the Saint Francis Hospice, 24 Puiwa Road, Honolulu, HI  96817
(attention Mr. Gary Simon).

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