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Hugo Martinez Paz hmartin at XOLO.CONABIO.GOB.MX
Fri Aug 30 14:27:50 CDT 1996

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Robin Scribailo wrote:

> Some time ago there was much discussion about the availability of databases
> for cataloging herbarium collections. We have recently established a
> herbarium here at Purdue North Central and are looking for some free
> programs. I know there was some mention of several programs that were
> downloadable. I would really appreciate if those in the know could send me
> the information by email. Purchasing a program is not possible since we
> have no budget for the herbarium. We keep ourselves in essential supplies
> by having plant sales from our greenhouse tropical plant collection.
> Robin Scribailo
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Dear Dr. Scribailo

You can find SMASCH (Free) one of the most beter data base system in:


if you need more information about SMASCH please contact to

Dr. Tom Duncan
tdunc at
Dr. Randy Ballew
randy at

I'll hope you can use SMASCH in your Herbarium, plase contact with Tom or
Randy for More information.
In the web url you can Download de SMASCH system

I'll Hope all is Well


Hugo Martinez Paz
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