Re, Smallpox

GB:'X0B$4fAB92GB5 76711.1261 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Sat Aug 3 02:55:59 CDT 1996

....Smallpox has decimated whole civilizations, for example, the Carbib
Indians, the Aztecs, not to mention numerous other tribes of native
Americans and other cultures that were at one time isolated from the
organism. I susepect that the number of deaths attributed to smallpox
far and away exceed those from other famous deseases including plague
or nuclear weapons for that matter.
The fight against smallpox is one of the greatest successes of medical
science and the W.H.O.  We should completely erradicate this organism....

The same thing I can tell about man and Dodo bird, Tasmanian Tiger and others
animals decimated by man... what will be your answer if some  extraterrestrial
ask you the same question about you...

I still remember when I was in school thirty five years go how I have been
taught that wolf, shark and other bad animals has to be wipe out from the
earth... and how our science will be powerful to command winds and rains....

looks to me there is always someone who in the name of "something" like to
destroy or wipe of from earth some nations or animals.... From my point of view
it is easy to destroy something by some mentally retarded man,  but built it
back is often impossible..

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