ATB/OTS meeting & symposium, 1997

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>> >Symposium and Annual Meeting
>> >
>> >Association for Tropical Biology
>> >
>> >Organization for Tropical Studies
>> >
>> >San Jose,
>> >Costa Rica
>> >15-20 June 1997
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>> >For further information:
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>> >OTS
>> >P.O. Box 676-2050,San Pedro
>>  San Jose, Costa Rica
>> >e-mail: atbots at
>> >www:
>> >www:
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>> >"Tropical Diversity, Origins, Maintenance, and Conservation"
>> >
>> >ATB and OTS will jointly host a symposium and annual meeting June 15-20
>> >1997 in San Jose, Costa Rica
>> >
>> >The symposium will honor the contributions of Donald E. and Beverly L.
>>Stone to the growth of biology in the Neotropics on the occasion of their
>> >retirement from the Organization for Tropical Studies.  In the 20 years
>> >since Donald Stone assumed its leadership, OTS has become a world leader
>> >in training graduate and professional students in tropical biology.
>> >Contributions to knowledge of the biology of tropical organisms and
>>ecosystems by researchers working at OTS field stations,in particular La
>>Selva Biological Station, and throughout the country have made Costa Rica
>>a leader in the investigation of tropical diversity.
>> >
>> >Long a leader in the preservation of its natural diversity, Costa Rica
>> >boasts one of the best systems of protected areas in the world, with
>> >nearly 27 percent of its territory under some degree of protection.  These
>> >wilderness areas protect most of the nation's 850 species of birds, 208
>> >species of mammals, 160 species of amphibians, 200 species of reptiles,
>> >130 species of freshwater fishes, and 11,000 species of plants as well
>>as an estimated 225,000 species of insects! All of this diversity in an
>similar to West Virginia's allows the visitor to travel to contrasting
>biological environments in only few hours.
>> >
>> >Highlights of the meeting will include a plenary symposium, a symposium
>> >celebrating the 40th anniversary of the University of Costa Rica School
>>of Biology, contributed papers and posters, scientific field excursions,
>>a gala mixer and banquet, and the first-ever reunion of participants in
>>OTS tropical biology courses.
>> >
>> >                        Call for Symposium Proposals

> Those interested in organizing a half-day symposium for the meeting may
>contact ATB or OTS at the e-mail addresses below for details on symposium
>> >guidelines and proposal preparation.
>> >
>> >To receive future mailings, please write or e-mail to the
>> >meeting organizers at the address below.
>> >
>> >The World Wide Web will be a ready source of information,
>> >registration forms, schedules, and addresses.  For further information
>> >check out the sites for either ATB or OTS:
>> >
>> >        ATB:
>> >        OTS:

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