Knack of processing accents

Nicolas Bailly bailly at CIMRS1.MNHN.FR
Fri Aug 9 08:37:09 CDT 1996

>On Thu, 8 Aug 1996, Paul Dessart wrote:
>> Most messages are written in English; when French and Italian are used,
>> or any language with letters marked with an accent; many 'servers'
>> translate them into cabalistic formula ( =E8, =E9, etc., or even more
>> complex).

The only correct way to solve the problem is to build a computer system
that manage these diacritical marks. Computer engineers have to think about
that, it is not always the human being that must follow the "computer
So, ask them.

Even now, we have many possibilities to configure our systems so they
manage the problem.
Ask your computer administrator.


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