Knack of processing accents

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Fri Aug 9 10:19:23 CDT 1996

At 12:29 AM 08/09/96 +0100, Steve Tracey wrote:
>Perhaps the only reason for using such a convention might be for accurate
>citation of names or references.

Another method exists that has not been mentioned here: HTML coding. HTML,
the _lingua franca_ :-) of web pages, has provision for diacriticals and
other symbols. For example, Herr Dr. Wuster would be Wüster, the late
Askell Love would be Áskell Löve. In ordinary text, it looks
bizarre, but most web browsers will display, and often print, the codes
correctly. Few of us will read Taxacom through a web browser (I'm not sure
whether Netscape mail translates these codes in e-mail messages), but it
does provide a standard method for use with references and the authors of names.

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