Thu Aug 15 06:09:00 CDT 1996

Thanks to those who provided me with information on the use of Liatrideae.
For the record, F. Marthe (Cat. Pl. Jard. Med. Paris: 89. 1801) proposed the
name as a nom. nud. at the rank of section. A.H.G. de Cassini (in G.F.
Cuvier, Dict. Sci. Nat. 26: 228. Mai 1823) established the Sect. Liatrideae
and while associated with a diagnosis in French, the name was not validly
published (Art. 33.5) because of the missapplied rank. The name was validly
published by J. Lindley (in J.C. Loudon, Encycl. Pl.: 1073. 1829). I.I.
Martinov (Techno-Bot. Slovar: 365, 402. 1820) based his use of Tribe
Liatrideae on the Marthe nom. nud. As a result, his name is not validly
published as it too is a nom. nud.

Both Martinov and Cassini attribute creation of Liatrideae to L.C. Richard,
and while this might be true, there is no mention of Richard in Marthe's
small book, and thus according to the new provisions in Art. 46 of the ICBN,
the 1801 nom. nud. must be attributed to Marthe.

Jim Reveal (MARY)

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