Ledothamnus, Diplarche, Bryanthus

P. F. Stevens pstevens at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Aug 16 08:23:45 CDT 1996

We are trying to get hold of fresh/recently-collected material of species
of Ledothamnus (Tepuis), Diplarche (the high Himalayas), and Bryanthus
((N)E Asia, etc.) for DNA analysis - to complement concurrent morphological
studies in the Ericaceae.

If anybody has access to material of these taxa, could they please contact
Kathy Kron?

Kathy Kron, Department of Biology, Wake Forest University, PO Box 7325,
Winston Salem, NC 27109,
phone 910-759-5323
FAX - 910-759-6008
E-mail - kronka at wfu.edu


Peter Stevens

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