Karla Gengler kgengler at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Fri Aug 16 15:14:20 CDT 1996

Dear Taxacomers:
We have a bit of a problem with PHYLIP.  We need to change the CONSTants
because we are trying to run more than the maximum number of species (425 taxa).
We're trying to run the neighbor joining and UPGMA programs, but the
program says we have too many species.  The manual says we can change the
number of constants, but so far we haven't been able to figure out how.
(We're using version 3.2)  If anybody can help us out with this problem,
we'd much appreciate it.
We're also wondering if anybody knows how many taxa PHYLIP (and NTSYS,
for that matter) will accept.
Please respond to besselma at
Thank you in advance.

Betsy Esselman
Karla Gengler

Karla Gengler
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