nomenclature again

Karol Marhold botukmar at SAVBA.SAVBA.SK
Tue Dec 3 10:46:58 CST 1996

Thank you to everybody who responded until now to my
nomenclature questions (see below).

The first point does not seem to be a big problem. The name of the
variety can be used also if it was published under the illegitimate
species name. The point which is not solved is if the whole name
of the variety (subspecies) published under the illegitimate
species name is illegitimate as well. E.g. say the name "Planta
virida Author" is illegitimate question is if the subspecies name
"Planta virida Author subsp. lutea Author" is illegitimate as well.

To the second question I have received several responses. I will
prepare summary of them, but the important point is that there
are two kinds of responses - yes, the name is valid, no the name
is invalid.

original questions:
1/ if plant species name is illegitimate, is the name of variety
        described "within" this name illegitimate as well?
2/ is it possible to accept as a validly published species name the
        name for which no description is provided in the protologue,
        when author at the same place provided the description of
        the typical variety (subspecies)?

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