what do we call it until it gets a name?

Brian V. Brown brianb at BCF.USC.EDU
Thu Dec 5 08:20:02 CST 1996

>We are working with an undescribed insect (a new species in a known genus)
>which seems to be promising as a biological control agent. A taxonomist will
>be describing it in due course, but before its name is published we will
>need to refer to the insect in correspondence and in a report which will be
>seen (initially) by about 30 people. My question (as a non-systematist) is:
>what should we call it for the time being?

Just call it Genus sp., where you substitute the real genus name for the
word "Genus." For instance, if it was one of my research group, you would
call it Apocephalus sp. You can state in the body of your text that the
species is currently undescribed, although it is being worked on by a
specialist, and give the location where voucher specimens will be deposited.

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