Computer-based species identification: DOES IT WORK?

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                                                            11 December 1996

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> One of the two main themes of the BSPP/SA meeting in Canterbury next week
> is "Computer-based species identification". There are 16 papers on the
> subject and 9 hands-on demonstrations of systems.

> Reading the abstracts (through, even though I am
> involved myself, I get a feeling that we are being technology-driven. Is
> there evidence that this is a job that computers can really help us to
> *do*?

> It is 21 years since the 1975 Symposium on "Biological identification with
> computers"! We experts have been greatly stimulated by the achievement of
> making computers capable of doing identifications. How many non-experts
> are using the systems to help with this job? And how many experts are
> merely trying them out because it is satisfying to see that a computer can
> be trained to do the job?

> Peter

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