field work in Gabon

marc sosef Marc.Sosef at PROSEA.PT.WAU.NL
Thu Dec 12 12:07:31 CST 1996

Dear Jeff,

You should come to the Department of Plant Taxonomy & Herbarium Vadense (WAG)
of Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands! We have a long record
of collecting in Gabon and close relations to the Herbier National du Gabon
in Libreville. You can pinpoint promising sites from the herbarium labels.
Most of the Gabon collections are in a database, and can be easily consulted
when you have specific questions. Dr. Breteler and one of our associated
staff members will visit Gabon in January as well!

Dr. Breteler can not be contacted through e-mail, but the fax number is: (31)
317-484917, tel. (31) 317-483160.

Good luck,

Marc Sosef
PROSEA Project
Dept. of Plant Taxonomy
Wageningen Agricultural University

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