Platypus (was: collection DB design question)

Nieukerken, E.J. van nieukerken at NNM.NL
Mon Dec 16 12:42:38 CST 1996

Andrew Whittington wrote:

"How about "Platypus - A database package for Taxonomists"  Operating
system Windows 3.1, 3.11, NT or 95.  On CD-ROM or DISC.  Produced by
CSIRO Australia, available from:  "sales at"  or refer to
demo on:

Looks good!  Does anybody have working experience of it - we're
contemplating purchase for the Entomology Section, National Museums of

No, Platypus is not a museum collection program. It builds zoological
(in future also botanical) catalogues, with information on names, types,
rough distribution and ecology; it als has a bibliography.
It is nice for this purpose, but still has its limitations, such as:
- only alphabetical listing of species within (sub)genus
- hostdata have to be typed in full (no picklist)
- editing can be time-consuming
- import of part of the data only possible (just names and authors)
and some others, but the programmers are still working on it.

If you just want a catalogue of the family you are working on this is a
useful program. In several aspects it is similar to 'ALICE'.

There are several collection registrating programs, but also we are
still looking for a complete system here. One of the promising is ZOE,
the windows successor of MUSE (still in development), see for info:

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