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Rod Seppelt rod_sep at ANTDIV.GOV.AU
Wed Dec 18 06:24:55 CST 1996

In response to Harvey Ballard's request for minimalist descriptions:
While I am not keep on really lengthy descriptions - I have seen a few
beauties that run on for nearly a full two pages of printed text - neither
am I particularly keen on one-liners.  There is a real risk of describing
the differences of a "new" compared to some others - but is the comparison
necessarily the right one.
I would not like to see us go back to the brief descriptions of the late
1700's early 1800's.  It is very difficult to visualise a species from
these descriptions - by far the majority of which lack illustrations.
I do like seeing illustrations, be they photographs or drawings.  At least
it is possible for others to guage what the taxon looks like.

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