Responses to DIANA Horton

Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Sun Dec 1 07:51:16 CST 1996

I wonder if it says something about the "taxonomic eyes" out there that
all of the responses to Diana Horton's messages have all responed to DIANE,
not DIANA?

Or does it say what the responders are responding to - the money question
- and that avariciousness causes blindness?

And for those of you who responded to me only (not broadcast on TAXACOM),
I sure wish that lawyers and engineers and medicos and others would have
the same feeling of "need to provide a public service" that others seem
to feel we should provide for free.  I will not get into the reasoning
and logic provided.

I once identified over 10,000 spiders for a man.  I got no money.  I did
get his thanks, and he did get his PhD (in plant ecology).  It took over 7
months of my time, doing almost NOTHING ELSE.  I think that I have done
my "service" to the community with this one effort alone.

I get $50 per morning or afternoon with kids in schools.  I have to
provide my own transportation, my own slides, my own Kodak Carousel
projector, and my own Mexican Red-kneed tarantula.  I charge $60 Can./h
for IDs of spiders and other arachnids that Canada Customs and Alberta
Fish and Wildlife have picked up as suspected smuggling (of CITES species).

Robin Leech

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