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James Morley jm12kg at LION.RBGKEW.ORG.UK
Mon Dec 2 10:24:02 CST 1996

On 30 Nov 96 at 15:49, Thomas E. Yancey wrote:

> I believe that some guidelines of general use to taxonomists in museums and
> educational institutions would be helpful. If recommended guidelines are
> available, the hesitancy I encountered might be removed and the value of
> taxonomic identifications more readily acknowledged.

Has anyone else read the article in the ASC
Newsletter (I think from Sept or Oct) on just
this issue?  The author, Lynn Kimsey from
University of California, Davis, gives
identification charges for various institutes,
and these range from US$35 to US$100.

The paper makes an interesting read, but does not
get as far as 'recommended guidelines', something
that the ASC may like to consider for the (near)


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