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Dear Taxacomers,
thanks for the informations about release of PAUP. In the meantime also David Swofford, the author, has responded personally and asked me for posting his message:

Freeman is not distributing PAUP; the distributor for version 4.0
will be Sinauer Associates.  Here's my standard response to inquiries
about PAUP(*) 4.0:

PAUP is unavailable until the next version (4.0) is completed and released
through Sinauer Associates early in 1997.  You can send email to
orders at and request to be notified when the program becomes

Test versions of PAUP* 4.0 are available to people who can't wait, who are
willing to report any and all bugs encountered (with full details), who
don't mind waiting for my permission to publish results based on the test
versions, and who don't mind working without documentation.  For details
about how to become a registered tester, send a message to Dana Emery
(emery at

Dave Swofford (author of PAUP)

David L. Swofford                         swofford at
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