what do we call it until it gets a name?

Alec McClay alec at AEC.ARC.AB.CA
Thu Dec 5 08:54:06 CST 1996

We are working with an undescribed insect (a new species in a known genus)
which seems to be promising as a biological control agent. A taxonomist will
be describing it in due course, but before its name is published we will
need to refer to the insect in correspondence and in a report which will be
seen (initially) by about 30 people. My question (as a non-systematist) is:
what should we call it for the time being? Will it cause problems with
priority and authorship if we refer to the insect by the name under which it
will eventually be described? Should we put a disclaimer in the report
indicating that it is not intended as a new species description? Or should
we just refer to the insect by a code letter until it gets an official name?

Alec McClay
Research Scientist, Biological Control of Weeds

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