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Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Fri Dec 6 07:11:50 CST 1996

I am curious about the reason "elevation" is used for "altitude".  The
use of elevation is well entrenched in the US, but the rest of the world
uses altitude.  Elevation is the difference in height between two
locations: e.g., Calgary is at 1080 m altitude, and Edmonton is at 670 m
altitude; the difference in elevation is 410 m.  Altitude is the height
above MSL (mean sea level) of a given location.

One uses an ALTImeter to determine a height above sea level, but one
rides in an ELEVATor (or LIFT in UK) in a high-rise building.

I think that the survey boys in the US have set the pace for the use of
ELEVATION, as I have noted at "high spots" phrases such as "ELEVATION
5200 FEET" on US roads.

Robin Leech

On Fri, 6 Dec 1996, Charlie and Marg Baker wrote:

> ...  It is impossible for us to visit herbaria where specimens
> are stored, but sometimes habitat elevation and location have not been
> published and yet that information is critical to our work.
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