literature review on paradichlorobenzene

Barbara Ertter ertter at UCJEPS.HERB.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Dec 9 11:46:39 CST 1996

Of possible general interest, in a journal not routinely read by all:

In the latest "Journal of the Idaho Academy of Sciences" (June 1995, Vo1
31, pp. 25-30) is an article on "The Museum Worker and Paradichlorobenzene:
a Literature Review of Health Effects".  As indicated, it is a literature
review, not a report of new research.  Summary paragraphs:

        "In the absence of clear epidemiologic evidence of tumorigenic
response in humans exposed to PDB, the regulatory labeling of PDB as a
carcinogen should be used advisedly.  From the literature reviewed, it is
presumed that the acute and chronic risk of disease and harm to museum
workers from inhalation of PDB at levels in museum fumigating conditions is
low.  Individual susceptibilities and responses to the chemical will vary
and allergenic and other responses in some people are expected, as is the
case with any synthetic organic chemical.
        "As a cautionary measure, museums may elect to assess the level of
PDB in air to assure levels do not substantially exceed OSHA's recommended
TLV of 75 ppm.  Worker concern may be valid where levels exceed 200 ppm.
As with any workplace, air circulation and exchange with fresh air in
museums should follow current industrial hygiene guidelines."

The author, Gary Shook, is at the College of Health Science, Boise State
University, Boise, Idaho  83725, USA, with an email of gshook at

submitted by Barbara Ertter

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