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              Grass Genera of the World - INTKEY and WWW Packages
                        L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

A new INTKEY version of our package, `The Grass Genera of the World', is
available via anonymous ftp from        (directory: /pub/delta/angio)
and via WWW from
and a WWW version is now presented for the first time. The file Grass.1st
contains information about downloading and installing the INTKEY package.

Every genus is represented by a world-level morphological description intended
to be workable for identification, often augmented by illustrations; and to
further assist with identification, facilities are inbuilt for isolating
subsets of genera for about 40 regions (e.g. North and South America, Eurasia,
E. and W. tropical Africa, Malesia, Australia, etc.). Comprehensive
information is included on geographical distributions and on variation in
photosynthetic pathways, and copious data are compiled on other aspects of
general and classificatory interest, including embryo structure, seedling
germination, leaf blade anatomy, phytochemistry, cytology, 2c nuclear DNA
values, ecology, fungal pathogens, economic importance, etc. Also included are
comprehensive lists of synonyms; details on numbers of species per genus; and
a complete classification of the genera to tribal level.

The WWW package provides the complete printed descriptions, with highlighting
of diagnostic features. It represents an updated version of the 1994 edition
of our book, with the addition of numerous taxon illustrations. The latter
depict leaf blade anatomy, seedling germination, etc., as well as habit and
spikelet morphology. They are presented here for the first time, in very
preliminary form. The labelling will be extended and improved in future
releases, more taxa will be illustrated, and character illustrations will be


Watson, L., Dallwitz, M.J. and Johnston, C.R. (1986). Grass genera of the
world: 728 detailed descriptions from an automated database. Aust. J. Bot.
34, 223-230.

Watson, L., and Dallwitz, M. J. (1994). `The Grass Genera of the World.' 2nd
edition. 1081 pp. (CAB International: Wallingford.) (Generated automatically
from the database.)

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