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Charlie and Marg Baker cmbaker at TELEPORT.COM
Thu Dec 12 14:58:53 CST 1996

Dear Taxacomers,

Thank you to all who wrote offering help, and those who took the time to
sent messages expaining why I might not have received help in the past.

I obviously did a poor job of expressing myself. Because I was _not_
complaining. I was ONLY giving an example of why I hoped to see the
maximum possible information available _without_ the need to impose on
herbaria staff.

I was not asking for help, though I sincerely appreciate the many
generous offers I've received.

And yes, I do know the difference between genus and genera. It was a
stupid failure to complete changes from plural to singular, thereby
creating an error that obviously overwhelmed the point I was trying to
make. A disadvantage of the easy send button when one is tired.

Enough with the windmills. ;)


Charles and Margaret Baker, Portland, Oregon USA (cmbaker at
"Orchid Species Culture" Timber Press.
Vol-1 Pescatorea, Phaius, Phalaenopsis, Pholidota, Phragmipedium, Pleione
  Hardcover ISBN 0-88192-189-0   Paperback ISBN 0-88192-208-0
Vol-2 Dendrobium (all 1250 +/- species)
  Hardcover ISBN 0-88192-360-5   Paperback ISBN 0-88192-366-4

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