Computer-based species identification: DOES IT WORK?

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>>Dear Rebel,
>>I am responding to the current discussion of the usefulness or otherwise of
>>electronic keys for the classification of living things.
>>During the past three years I have used extensively, Dr Bernie Hyland's
>>interactive computer Key to the tropical rain forest tree species of
>>The computer Key comes with three supporting texts.  Volume 1 - Australian
>>Tropical Rain Forest Trees  An Interactive Identification System.  B.P.M.
>>Hyland and T. Whiffin. CSIRO Australia 1993.  ISBN 0 643 05421 9, contains
>>all the necessary information for installing and using the Key successfully.
>>This volume gives a full listing and line drawings of all the botanical
>>terms used in the Key, together with descriptions of geological areas, genus
>>and species lists etc.
>>Volume 2 ISBN 0 643 05422 7, gives a detailed description of the known
>>species in each of the 84 families of rainforest tree covered by the Key.
>>Finally, the Leaf Atlas of Australian Tropical Rain Forest Trees.
>>D.C.Christophel and B.P.M. Hyland ISBN 0 643 05420 0, which also goes with
>>the Key, contains photographs (produced by a special X-ray technique) of a
>>representative leaf from each species of tree described in the Key.
>>I have found Dr Hyland's computer Key, in conjunction with the outstanding
>>accompanying texts, extremely easy to use successfully.  Also the students
>>in my science and senior biology classes, have been able to readily identify
>>tree species from specimens of leaves, bark, and fruit, with very little
>>instruction from me, when using this Interactive Identification System.
>>Yours sincerely
>>Mara McKenzie (Maths and Science Teacher  Atheton State High School Atherton
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