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Wed Dec 18 15:35:47 CST 1996

Reply to Dr Michael Vincent

We have been buying our bar-codes  for some years from:

Watson Label Products
3884 Forest Park Blvd
St Louis
Mo 63108 USA

(314) 652-6715

I believe that the Smithsonian and several other herbaria use them.

The label specification is as follows:

Size: 42 x 18 mm
Printing Process: Photocomposition
Lamination: 1 mil Clear Mylar
Facestock: 4 mil Bright White Polyester
Adhesive: 5 mil High Strength Acrylic
Symbology: Code 39
Barcode density: 9.4cpi

They are convenient and easy to peel off the roll and stick on the specimen

We had a paper conservator  subject them to artificial  aging and they
survived very well.

I hope this is of some help.
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