PCR in-situ

Wipf Daniel Daniel.Wipf at SCBIOL.U-NANCY.FR
Thu Dec 19 16:55:44 CST 1996

Dear all,

I am a PhD student in Forest Biology in Nancy (France).
I have used PCR/RFLP to study the morel complex.
I am now interested in In situ PCR for fungi. I have never used this
method and therefore I would be very grateful if somebody could send me a
protocol. Any comments and hints where I could find useful information are
very very welcome. Also I would be happy to learn any comments you have
from your experience with this method.

You can contact me directly: wipf at scbiol.u-nancy.fr

Yours faithfully


Daniel WIPF
U.H.P. Nancy I
Lab. Forest. Biology    From France             From Abroad
54506 Vandoeuvre        Tel 03 83 91 25 63              Tel (33) 3 83 91 25 63
France          Fax 03 83 90 32 77              Fax (33) 3 83 90 32 77

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