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richard a fagerlund fagerlun at UNM.EDU
Fri Dec 20 07:03:28 CST 1996

I have been reading the postings on shabby latin for a few days now.
I am not a botanist, I practice entomology.   I think in both zoology and
botany, that we have lost sight of exactly what the primary function of
a taxonomist is.  Simply, it is to provide names to organisms for future
use by research biologists and ecologists, nothing more, nothing less.

I believe a description should be thorough enough so the reader can
visualize the taxa without an illustration if necessary, but I also
believe whether there is a single latin word, or sentence, or if there
is one i or two ii's or if we use "and" or "&" is trivial and silly.
What use is a code that doesn't care whether a latin description is
unintelligible or not?  I believe that maybe both the zoological code
and botanical code need to be seriously revised or scrapped altogether.

A description should be clear and concise in any language the describer
chooses.  If I need to use his description, I'll get it translated.

I think we as taxonomists, take this business far to seriously.  Taxonomy
should be fun, not tedius and trivial.  If you find an undescribed
organism, describe it thoroughly and give it a name.  Lets get rid of all
this stuffy and nonsensical poppycock.  A few, simple rules of nomenclature
is fine, but some of this stuff is just silly.

We are naturalists that practice taxonomy for the sake of other biologists,
thats all.

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