Reference Questions on TAXACOM (fwd)

Tom Moritz tmoritz at CAS.CALACADEMY.ORG
Mon Dec 30 12:05:43 CST 1996

> I have noticed over the past few weeks an increasing number of questions
> which might be described as "bibliographic" -- questions relating to
> cited literature, requests for references, etc.
> It may be of interest to the subscribers to this LIST to know that there
> is a list (actually a reflector) which is sponsored by the Natural History
> Caucus of the Special Libraries Association.  The list includes most of
> the major natural history libraries in the US & Canada and many outside of
> North America...
> The address for that list is <NHC-SLA at> and queries may be
> posted directly to that address...
> Tom Moritz
> Academy Librarian
> California Academy of Sciences
> Golden Gate Park
> San Francisco, CA 94118
> 415-750-7101
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